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As the famous saying goes, “behind every idea is an inspiring story.” For almost half a decade now, BAG Innovation has been writing its history and impacting university students all around Rwanda. From the beginning, BAG Innovation was driven by one sole vision of preparing the future African workforce for…

Importance of self-learning and how to start teaching yourself

In self-learning, students are responsible for their progress and Education. This autonomous style of learning has been growing in popularity among individuals seeking knowledge. Students learn at their own pace by self-educating using textbooks or online resources. …

Benefits of mobile learning technologies in Africa

Mobile learning and educational technology in Africa
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There is no doubt that education plays a significant role in the development of countries and societies. In recent years, education has evolved from face-to-face learning (e.g., classrooms) into more technology-based education (e.g., mobile learning). …

The benefits of learning by doing

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Experience-based learning is a course of study that allows students to experience the real world, which helps in understanding concepts, thus making them more effective career learners. George Kuh coined the term experience-based learning at Michigan State University. Since then, experience-based learning has been applied across various universities and schools…

In tech-savvy Africa, you may wonder how tech startups can survive during a pandemic.

I’ve seen several tech companies grow successfully in Africa by focusing on a few fundamental principles: innovation, resilience, and gradual growth.

Understanding tech startups in Africa

There are simple reasons tech startups can grow in Africa…

BAG Innovation

An EdTech startup in Africa aimed to help African students reach their career goals through a gamified EdTech platform.

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