Building A Tech Startup During A Pandemic

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5 min readJul 28, 2021

In tech-savvy Africa, you may wonder how tech startups can survive during a pandemic.

I’ve seen several tech companies grow successfully in Africa by focusing on a few fundamental principles: innovation, resilience, and gradual growth.

Understanding tech startups in Africa

There are simple reasons tech startups can grow in Africa during COVID 19. Since tech startups are web-based companies, they can relocate anywhere with an internet connection. It doesn’t matter where their tech company grows for tech startup owners — only that it does so successfully.

In fact, during a pandemic tech startup organization and IT infrastructure may be the most critical aspect of survival for businesses across the world. You’ll need robust ideas, a strong team, and a flexible IT infrastructure to survive COVID 19 and beyond.

The makings of a tech success story

Covid 19 could destroy many aspects of daily life as we know them now; however, technology has consistently proven itself resilient in the face of disaster.

With tech infrastructure as robust as tech-savvy Africa, tech startups can take root and thrive. Virtual tech business may be the only viable option for tech startup owners during COVID 19 — at least until the pandemics subside after 1–2 years. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next; however, tech entrepreneurs must be prepared to take the steps needed to keep their businesses running despite any calamity or disease which could upend everyday life throughout the world.

Technology will continue to change our lives and help us achieve new levels of productivity. As a tech entrepreneur, you won’t need to stop innovating during COVID 19 or future global pandemics; however, you will need to be flexible and innovative with the tech startup infrastructure you create and maintain for your tech company. As technology changes people’s lives each year, tech startups will prosper in a pandemic environment as well — they just need to be smart about how they begin their new growth activities. Hiring tech-savvy employees during COVID 19 is an integral part of success. You’ll want tech business owners who can remain calm during any calamity; also, make sure you secure their services before businesses are forced to close their doors due to potential pandemic risks.

Tech entrepreneurs should begin focusing on practical ways of hiring tech-savvy employees immediately if they haven’t done so already. There may not be much time left after COVID 19 begins for tech startups to hire tech employees to cultivate the tech-focused workforce tech businesses will need to survive and thrive during COVID 19.

When COVID-19 began to spread, I discovered that tech startup growth is more important than ever. All of these tech businesses are now thriving and even better positioned to continue to grow as the world recovers from this devastating pandemic.

Here’s what they have in common:

1) They focus on their niche market to build customer loyalty, allowing them to weather any storm…even COVID-19! There was not one step backward for any of these tech businesses when COVID hit because they had already established solid customer bases.

2) They don’t try to be the new tech giant. Instead, they focus on products that solve a specific problem for their market and avoid competing with tech giants in Silicon Valley or Europe. They also maintain their tech edge by staying lean and growing gradually year after year rather than trying to obtain massive funding and grow uncontrollably at the outset.

3) Once tech startups have proven themselves, I’ve seen technology firms coming back several years later with plenty of cash and attempting to buy them out! Growth continues throughout Africa as tech startups have become leaders within an industry that has grown exponentially without COVID-19’s disruptions.

4) They aren’t afraid to take risks. I’ve seen tech startups fail horribly, and tech startups overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, survive a pandemic that has taken down tech giants, and been declared the worst pandemic is known to humanity. The tech companies that have succeeded in Africa took the risk to grow beyond their comfort zone by staying focused on founder vision, customer needs, and tech edge during COVID-19, which made all of these tech businesses solid enough for buyout five years from now.

5) They are resilient entrepreneurs who seize opportunities while maintaining focus on tech growth. COVID-19 brought catastrophic events and created unprecedented business and life opportunities, including an explosion of social media apps that have transformed lives throughout Africa.

These tech companies are all poised for future growth and prosperity in Africa. It’s now up to tech entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity created by COVID-19 by staying focused on tech innovation while building tech startups gradually. The success of tech startups is more critical than ever as tech continues to be the great equalizer in Africa and worldwide.

6) They don’t lose sight of their vision, even if it means making difficult decisions during times of uncertainty. I’ve seen tech startups emerge out of nowhere, survive an undead pandemic that took down tech giants, and continue growing into a global phenomenon years later during COVID-19! These tech companies were resilient enough to overcome catastrophic obstacles because they had a clear vision for what they wanted to achieve and tech innovation to bring it to life. Their tech edge became their USP as tech startups overtook tech giants in COVID-19’s aftermath.

7) They embrace a tech culture that promotes risk-taking, tech growth, and tech innovation. When tech is the great equalizer, we all must learn from these tech entrepreneurs who’ve played an integral role in transforming Africa into a thriving hub of tech startups that are poised for growth around the world thanks to COVID-19!

To conclude, tech startups can still thrive during a tech epidemic. I’ve seen tech startups survive COVID-19 and become more resilient by taking risks, focusing on tech innovation rather than tech giants, staying focused on their vision while embracing tech culture that promotes tech growth as the key to success during catastrophes COVID-19.

This is Africa. We don’t quit! Tech startups will continue to grow beyond what people thought was possible in Africa during a pandemic that has taken down tech giants.



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