Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Benefits of mobile learning technologies in Africa

Mobile learning and educational technology in Africa
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Mobile Learning: A Definition

According to many scholars, mobile learning (also known as mLearning) is a term that has been found useful in describing education technology initiatives carried out using portable or hand-held devices. This type of education utilizes advanced mobile devices together with digital content specifically designed for these devices. Mobile learning allows learners to interact and communicate peer-to-peer via short message service (SMS), e-mail messages, voice calls, chatting applications or video calls, and sharing education contents (e.g., documents, graphics, images) via social media platforms and mobile learning management systems.

Mobile Learning: An Overview

Benefits of mobile learning
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Mobile technology in Africa

Financial institutions in Africa use mobile technology to channel their products and services distribution to customers across the continent. They are doing this through mobile banking and m-commerce platforms that enable them to offer electronic payment solutions such as credit card facilities, business loans, money transfers, etc. These mobile products help African countries to increase financial literacy. For example, in Kenya, Safaricom’s M-PESA allows rural people without bank accounts access financing through a peer-to-peer transfer of money (e.g., sending/receiving payments from friends/neighbors).



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