“With our mission to take university students’ career journeys to a whole new level, We’ve added two new features to the website to help track each user’s performance.”

At BAG, we understand what you want and know what you need to achieve job-market readiness. Our platform is designed to provide you with cases from different companies in Rwanda that are categorized into various industries. In addition, we have diversified our content for every university student in Rwanda to find cases that suit their academic and career interest.

With your career success as our mission, we want you to be at the center of your learning to use the BAG platform to gain knowledge and gain insight from your learning throughout the journey. With this thought in mind, we have gaamified the BAG platform for users to pass through phases, go through levels and track achievements, as well as get featured on the leaderboard.

The gamification feature includes levels that show the users’ progression, achievements for users to strive towards specific goals, missions for users to complete the onboarding and all the information that is necessary to learn about BAG. Lastly, skills the students can use for their profile to showcase their expertise and visualize their progress within a specific area of expertise.

The intent behind this feature is for users to master tasks and learn different skills, feel in control of their behaviors and goals, and see progress as they keep doing more cases. You will stay motivated to keep working towards achieving your mission and gaining BAG-certified skills on the website.


And guess what … you can even invite your friends to sign up and start using the website by just sending them an invitation code. You can go on your account, click Profile and find a button saying “invite user.” The button will generate a personalized code that you can share with your fellow students, or anyone you think can benefit from using BAG.

“These new features are fantastic! I can now see how I progress and attain new levels as I keep working on cases, and the best of all is I get to view BAG-certified skills that I’ve gained. Plus, now I can invite my friends to use the platform by just sending them a generated link; it’s so cool that I’ve started working on more cases!”

— Nicole Hategekimana, Second-year university student at the University of Rwanda

Get started with us at and get to experience a revolutionized and modernized way to learn while keeping track of the knowledge acquired.

An EdTech startup in Africa aimed to help African students reach their career goals through a gamified EdTech platform.

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BAG Innovation

BAG Innovation

An EdTech startup in Africa aimed to help African students reach their career goals through a gamified EdTech platform.

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