group of people huddled around a company sign written ‘BAG’

The BAG Tale: How It All Started

The Origin Of BAG Innovation

What Solutions Do We Provide?

What We Offer At BAG

  • Virtual Workshops: The online workshops are training sessions that engage in intensive discussion, activity on different subjects and projects. The purpose is to upskill students on crucial soft and technical skills that employers search for in candidates; it is also a way of helping students navigate the job market with the knowledge to start and grow in their careers.
  • Virtual Internships: We offer a full one-month remote internship to students registered with us through our website. The program’s purpose is for the interns to gain some entry-level exposure to a particular industry or field; It is a learning experience that simulates a real work environment.
  • Ambassador Program: This program is an inclusion and awareness campaign on university campuses all over Rwanda. Students from different campuses work with BAG to impact fellow students towards accessing BAG services by using our website, attending workshops and networking events.
  • Talent Recruitment: We provide recruitment services to our partners all over Rwanda who are looking for talent ready for the job and possessing skills to excel in their area of expertise. Companies are given access to our trained talent that have undergone training from the BAG.

How Do We Measure Talent Readiness?

Our Achievements

The Long Term Visions



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BAG Innovation

BAG Innovation

An EdTech startup in Africa aimed to help African students reach their career goals through a gamified EdTech platform.